A Comprehensive Approach to Managing Wealth

Rose Valley provides the depth of experience and the breadth of knowledge required to help our clients manage the complexities of the financial world.

We begin a client engagement by looking at your financial issues and understanding your whole situation. Often this conversation will help identify your primary financial planning issues. We will then work with you and prepare a targeted financial analysis or a more comprehensive plan to best address your needs.

It means using our creativity to find solutions to your challenges and providing you with recommendations that meet your short and long-term goals.

After we understand your goals and objectives we implement them into a consolidated investment portfolio.

We serve as a manager-of-managers and our charge is to hire from among the best investment managers available in the appropriate asset classes.

Aligning your financial needs into a diversified and integrated investment portfolio is a sensible and disciplined approach which has been tested successfully over time.

This innovative approach has brought our clients much success. We have an outstanding track record of preserving and growing large sums of money.

Constant Research

We maintain an extensive proprietary database of thousands of investment managers and are constantly reviewing the "radar screen" for undiscovered and promising managers.

Our emphasis on fundamental research stems from the belief that the careful gathering of information and perspectives leads to informed decision making.

We maintain close relationships with some of the most successful and respected fund managers. Their judgment, expertise and instincts are what create your solid performing, efficient and integrated portfolio.

At Rose Valley Asset Management we rely on manager meetings on a regular basis to gain insight into their portfolio and to learn about their style, process and decision making methods. It is this level of evaluation which distinguishes us from other investment advisory firms.

Mary Louisa Price deMoll

Flower painting by Rose Valley artist Mary Louisa Price deMoll